Thanks for visiting Tiff.Marie Maternity, and, yes, that's me and my baby boy, Aston Rye, in the photo to the right...

My name is Tiffany Marie Troiano-Bard and I launched this line of maternity wear while pregnant with my first born and home on maternity leave. Frustrated with style-less, oversized, poor quality, and lackluster garments available on the market (I literally returned everything I ordered online) I decided to pursue my love for drawing and design by bringing this collection to life.  Sourced and manufactured in Chicago, the line represents fashion-forward styles that are re-created into versatile and multi-purpose wear for early pregnancy, 2nd/3rd trimesters, postpartum and nursing.  The line is curated from the finest stretch cotton jersey fabrics with careful elastic gatherings to provide the ultimate comfort and flexibility.

Why should you have to sacrifice your personal sense of style at an already transformational period of your life?  That's what I asked myself when I felt like I had to settle for traditional "maternity" clothes.  I know you may feel the same; I hope the collection empowers you to be a strong and fashionable mom.

A little bit about my background -

I'm a third generation Italian-American with a keen eye for design inherited from my grandmother Rose who worked as a costume designer for figure-skating champion Sonja Henie in the 1940's.

I spent my earlier career burning the midnight oil on Wall Street while launching The NYC Fashionista, a designer re-sale boutique from my 500 sq. ft. apartment.  I met my husband in the West Village and later moved to Chicago, where I became pregnant with my son, Aston Rye.

Explore my website to see the Tiff.Marie styles on other inspiring moms-to-be, and as always, feel free to reach out should you have any questions -

Wishing you a healthy & fashionable pregnancy --